A Serviceman’s Diary

Percy Wilden Judd, Mike and Robin’s father, served in No 8 Squadron R.N.A.S in France and Belgium for the final two and a half years of the 1914-18 War. Percy was involved in the recovery, repair and servicing of the squadron’s aircraft.

He kept a diary which tells us of the hardships he endured. Click on the links to see the page entries for these weeks of the war:

January 1st 1917 – in isolation at Crystal Palace
January 7th 1917 – still in isolation, drills and route march
January 21st 1917 – a parcel from home
January 28th 1917 – sets sail for Dunkirk
February 4th 1917 – air raids
February 11th 1917 – hears from home, bombs hit depot
March 4th 1917 – carting coal
May 27th 1917 – promotion
April 7th 1918 – under fire
May 19th 1918 – squadron bombs the trenches
July 28th 1918 – lack of sleep
November 10th 1918 – the war ends
February 16th 1919 – demob 

Percy Judd (centre top) with a recovered aircraft

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