About us

The Marden History Group mission is to:

S  P  I  T

Seek, Preserve, Inspire and Transmit knowledge of the history of the village of Marden”

We grew out of a sub committee of the Marden Society, which in 1998 was considering the Village Design Statement. Before long it became obvious that the heritage of the village was such, that an enormous amount of material was available and needed to be organised. As the group grew we became independent of the Marden Society, but still retain close links.

Now the Marden History Group has a steering group of eight who meet eight times a year to plan the work, with various sub-groups and aided by a large and enthusiastic group of volunteers working on a variety of projects.

L - R. Trevor Simmons, David McFarland, Eunice Doswell, Laura Cox, Richard Adam, Colin Whittle. Ian Grimes in spirit only

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