Hog Roast 2010

Celebrations included a Spitfire fly past

Sunday 12th September 2010

What a brilliant day the Hog Roast 2010 turned out to be.

After dodgy weather the sun shone warmly, the roasting hog smelt delicious and the music and singing was fantastic. Jasmine dressed in WRAF costume and sang appropriate songs. Recessions kept the feet tapping. Even Sir Nicholas rendered a few RAF songs – not to the words that some former airmen may remember!

At 2.00 we all decamped to the paddock of Selby Oast and, after much previous nail biting, our air raid siren was linked to the generator, which had arrived at the last minute, and made its well-remembered sound.

Then another sound familiar to the older generation entered our consciousness. AND, low over the trees, a Spitfire came into view. It made several circuits to much cheering and waving from below. We could even see the pilot. Finally, with a waggle of its wings, it flew home. Then the all clear sounded and we came down to earth.

Was this our finest hour? Certainly for a relieved chairman David McFarland it was. Thanks go to so many people who helped in so many different ways.

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