We have 14,852 baptisms that were registered at St Michael & All Angels Church and the Independent Chapel between 1559 and 1903. The most popular names have been for girls Mary (1251), Ann/Anne/Annie (1094) and Elizabeth/Elisabeth (1292). While the most popular boys names have been John (1517), Thomas(1032) and William (1248).

There have been some unusual names: from Amigell (boy) and Averine (girl) to Xpofer [= Christopher] and Zebulon (both boys).

We can wonder whether Genteela, Godly, Merry and Temperance lived up to their names and whether Repent and Repentance managed to live theirs down. Between 1668 and 1846 Philadephia made an appearance, but was quite thinly spread.

Our thanks go to Eunice Doswell and Cathy Goodwin for the mammoth task of transcribing these baptisms from film of the original records supplied by the Kent Family History Society.

You can search the baptism indexes and if you find the person you are looking for, we may be able to supply you with further details.

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